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 Presentation of Urgot de Narock

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Urgot de Narock

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Presentation of Urgot de Narock Empty
PostSubject: Presentation of Urgot de Narock   Presentation of Urgot de Narock Icon_minitimeThu Sep 04, 2008 12:40 pm

Hi everyone heres my presentation.
what should i begin with? OKey i know Im 15 years old live in sweden when im not in school i read alot of books and sits b the cmputer for quite sometime. I like to hang with my buddies adn thats just about it.

For the game i fancy archers and lifestealers since theymake quite a good combination. An as such i want to be an archer of loreroot.

The crossroads of history is always covered in blood.
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Presentation of Urgot de Narock
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