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 Morquor - The Purified Daemon

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PostSubject: Morquor - The Purified Daemon   Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:09 pm

I am Morquor, once a Daemon Warrior, now a weakened but purified soul, seeking refugee and a new life, maybe in the dim forests of Loreroot.

Anyone can read my Tale on my first personal papers, so i don't wanna copy it here...

I am a worshipper of Master Savelfuser of Golemus Guerilla, but i'm now helping Loreroot members creating their unique armour (See Armor set topic). I'll soon be MP5 (i've reached XP limit yesterday, now i'll go to next level sometimes).
I don't know what shall i write here, i'll edit it later... Smile
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Morquor - The Purified Daemon
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