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 I am CrazyMike (my friends call me Mike) *wink*

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PostSubject: I am CrazyMike (my friends call me Mike) *wink*   Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:41 am

I am from Malaysia, 37, father of two beautiful gals, husband to a wondeful woman.

I love playing games. I have played lots of mmorpg but MD is the only one that got me hooked.

I am Head Of Department for Customer Support.

I will probably be LHO for MD when Mur gets around to approving it. LOL

I like helping out people, but I can be mean if required.

Have great friends and no enemies (life is too short to have enemies, just ignore them)
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I am CrazyMike (my friends call me Mike) *wink*
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