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 Recruitment Model

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Loreroot High Council Member

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PostSubject: Recruitment Model   Recruitment Model Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 12:08 pm

This part is reserved for all players who wants to join Loreroot Alliance. First the recruted people will join the support Loreroot group and all people who are very involve in the alliance's life and the forum will become guardians of the root.
We accept all Mind Power.
We accept all army
Qualities needed
We wants active players ready to play a role for the alliance.
We need people who have ideas, ready to take initiatives

Loreroot is looking for active and capable players
We are open-minded so we accept all ideas, all initiatives, you can become a great character of the Loreroot Alliance, all is on your hands


Introduce yourself in several words and introduce your character

In your recruitment, if you want, please answer to these questions :

- Why do you want to join Loreroot Alliance ?
- What do you want to bring to the Alliance ?
- Have you an idea of the role you want to play into the Alliance ?
- How many time to play MagicDuel ?

Nymph of Loreroot, member of High Concil of Loreroot

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Recruitment Model
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