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 That's me....Eden....

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Loreroot High Council Member

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That's me....Eden.... Empty
PostSubject: That's me....Eden....   That's me....Eden.... Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 11:04 am

Hi all…i’m Eden….my passion for Loreroot starts one day, because of a wrong decision. I’ve joined the Necro alliance because I wanted to protect the balance, but soon I understand that I was wrong. In fact, for my opinion, the balance is not defended by Khal nor by Wodin, because they only want to win against the other for have the power. Before losing myself trough the shades and forget my love for the life I left them. And so my decision…..join Loreroot. My heart now beat for it, I want to defend this beautiful place from destruction, every tree and every thing in it is a part of me, and so I will risk my own life for Loreroot. Walking in it, trough those majesty trees, make me fell very well and in peace with all the thing around me and all the breath I take make new life run in my body. I know that Loreroot trust in me, and as long as I have on my side great and wise person as Lady Nelya, this place will be uncorrupted. So listen to me, all of you that don’t respect every thing in it will have to face the Guardians…so think very well to your next moves.
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That's me....Eden....
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