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 Weather Spells

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PostSubject: Weather Spells   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:32 am

Since this board is still empty I decided that since now I am in the Guardians of the Root I will make the first post about my weather spells. Not like I have anywhere better to publish them for now anyway. So here they are with my names for them:

weather-frosty 3 Call the Frost
weather-heavyclouds 3 Cover the Sky
weather-heavyrain 3 Call the Rainstorm
weather-mildrain 3 Call the Rain
weather-snow 3 Call the Snowfall
weather-storm 3 Call the Tempest
weather-sunny 3 Clear the Sky

Well thats it for now though Manu gives me more every so often. Not that they can really do anything yet other then appear in the chat and the triggers box for all to see. Maybe when they actually do something I will make a quest for them like the other RPCs do for their powers.

I can also make Rainbows combining Rain and Sun Very Happy
Well not really but maybe someday.

P.S. The 3 in there is some sort of game ID I think though I am not sure. Only the name now appears in the triggers though in a nice brown text box of its own Smile

Update: In case you hadn't noticed GlorDamar was nice enough to create some lovely pictures for MDs weather which my spells create. You can see the picture in the triggers box in the upper right corner when they are active. Not all weather conditions have a picture yet notably the heavyclouds and storm ones.

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PostSubject: Re: Weather Spells   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:35 am

I decided to repost my spells under my current account on this forum. This is so I can edit the post when I get new ones. If a moderator is reading this you can delete my previous post about my spells which was done as a guest before I registered on this forum.
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Weather Spells
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