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 Protector Spells

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PostSubject: Protector Spells   Protector Spells Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 5:15 am

Well I figure people would be curious about all the spells protectors have even if they are not thinking of becoming one so since I have become one now I will list all my spells here as I get them. Unlike my weather spells I get more of these as I get more as i get more worshipers so if you are looking to support one of Loreroots most dedicated protectors feel free to become mine Wink

Here is the list of spells I have so far with my personal names for them as well as those I could get but didn't without (you can only choose one spell to learn out of four per level):
Level 1 (1 worshiper):
prot-heal 1 Water of Life
prot-movelock 1
prot-attack 1
prot-defense 1
Level 2 (8 worshipers):
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Protector Spells
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