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 On fighting

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PostSubject: On fighting   Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:12 pm

Since I believe I myself know something of fighting, meaning rituals, the creatures ad how to combine both:

I offer some lessons in them for those interested. Write me here or pm/find me ingame.

However, this is a service I'm offering, not something I'm obliged to do.
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PostSubject: Members encouraged to take this opportunity   Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:43 am

Thank you, Shadowseeker. I know that I personally welcome instruction from you, and I think that Karak, while more capable in combat than I, would also jump at the opportunity to hear your views.
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PostSubject: Re: On fighting   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:36 am

The opportunity to learn the martial arts from another is always and opportunity to grow.

I welcome the opportunity to share thoughts with you, Shadowseeker.
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PostSubject: Re: On fighting   

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On fighting
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