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 The Tainted Realms

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PostSubject: The Tainted Realms   The Tainted Realms Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2008 3:00 pm

Ady's story from today
I shall now tell what was once seen by the eyes and the fingers of Nyrianna, grandmother of Marrinde.Nyrianna was the smallest sister in a family of six daughters. Superstion had it that such a number on occasion will allow the child to be able to forsee certain events.And I shall now tell you the story of what she saw, the night she became of age.

This is the story of ``The Tainted Realms``

As Nyrianna closed her eyes and inhaled the bittersweet herbal infusion her muscles relaxed with the soles of her feet submerged in dew, effortfully gathered by tens of her admirers and worshipers. She began as she always did, to reunite with the earth. She had always been closer to the earth but she never understood why. She could not wear shoes, she could not go within the deeper water, she could not dare let a levitation spell be cast upon her. Nyrianna was both the Sixth of the White Diviners and also an earthbound child.

The earth soon replied and warmly greeted her presence. With the tip of her toes slowly diging into the dew clay she nervously awaited for the infusion to place her between the worlds;``Between the worlds`` is how she called the place in which she could see everything and nothing in the same time. The infusion was slowly working its ancestral magicks and her senses as usual, grew out of human control. She could see with they eyes of snake, through the grass. She could smell with tip of the leaves through the trees and the wind. And once more she could hear that lazy and warm voice... that grouchy and compassionate voice... she could hear the earth.

``You`ve grown so much... you`re no longer a tiny seed, or a sprout or a hatchling.`` the earth said with such a proud voice.``You`ve grown into the most radiant and enchanting flower your kind could have become.It is after this dusk that you become of age, is it not?``the earth finally asked. But all of these words, the earth said not in minutes but in hours, hours in which Nyrianna was able to feel through the tip of her fingers everything the earth felt, from the smallest and, to the fattest Grassan. ``I don`t see IT`` she sighed after her patience had long run out.

Tradition demanded that when Nyrianna, the Sixth daughter became of age she would have a vision, that would become prophecy and through her eyes, the entire new eon would pass. But it did not come. Ever since the uprising of that odd structure from within the earth, that pillar of dark grey smoke, and tar and fear, and ``liquid ash`` she had trouble focusing. The earth also avoided the subject as much as possible.``You can`t just ignore it, it`s not a growth that will just dry up and fall after a few rains... I can sense it, it has a will of its own and I know you can sense it too`` she had once said to the Earth while her older sisters were healing the soldier that returned defeated. The odd growth also spawned giant creatures made out of energy and vice. These creatures although as dumb as livestock would sometimes get to near to the Humans and devour them whole through their feelings. Thus, in the end the Humans decided to fight the odd creatures and the growth that spawned them. ``What did you say it calls itself, dear?`` the earth asked Nyrianna.``I... it`s vile and repulsive... I don`t wish to say it aloud...`` she sighed and the slowly whispered ``DeathMarrow... What an awful name...`` But as she whispered the name of the unwanted growth, she began to feel a tingle... a current, a shoke. A burning vibration to open her eyes, not the eyes that she could see with, no... She felt the urge to open another pair of Eyes so she could See what wanted to be seen. And her Eyes Saw. And her fingertips shivered. And she began to speak...

``There is no Sun here, there is no Moon... There is no Day, no Night... They sky is covered in dark grey clouds.The water is dry and instead of it, a sea of black sand flows. The mountain of the Three Kings is now as twice as tall... it is a tower. It is the only thing that pierces through the clouds. The forests are cut. There are no more trees.
To the East lies a barbaric citadel made out of wood and stone and blood. Every wall is adorned with the flesh and bones and skulls of war slaves. The King of the Barbarians is a man filled with scars and hatred, his body is covered in dark armor.And his skin is painted with the liquid ash. The King is at war with one that looks like him but is not him.
The one to the West. The forest there is gone also. Instead huge metalic saws chop away every piece of wood. So do those people chop away at them selved, cutting their own limbs to replace them with artificial ones, stronger ones.
To the South of these people now lies the Island Tower and even though it is entirely fortified I can see those within. But they do not wish to be seen. They have discovered great secrets and once they were separate individuals but now they all think as one.They can read eachothers` mind; what one learns, all know. But they do not trust the other peoples as their minds cannot be read. They are captives within themselves.
In the center of it all the Gazebo is no more...It had crumbled once during a war and nobody rebuilt it. But from below the gazebo a tree began to grow, with crimson roots and crimson bark and scarlet leaves. It is the last tree that I can see, but it towers above all except the island tower
And to the East...I see...or...I do not see...I can`t describe it...It`s a titanic dome blazing white. But it is so white... that it does not blind me... instead... it is so bright... I can only see it as darkness. I cannot see what is below the dome. I cannot feel anything there but I can hear...I hear... women mourning, wailing, echoing... I hear their sorrow and their gried.Everything there is chaotic, is purged, is made in order... but because it is corrupted. And the dome... the dome itself...THE DOME PULSES... It... cannot be... that dome that titanic dome... how can that thing have grown out of such a small and corrupted growth?HOW CAN THAT BE DEATHMARROW???

And with these words, her Eyes closed for she did not wish to See anymore. At that time, she did not wish to See ever again... The titanic, pulsing, burning white dome of DeathMarrow a scar in the back of her eyes...
``Tradition states that my vision shall become prophecy. Tradition states that all those horrors I have seen will come true. Destiny demands it`` the girl spoke with her heart and mind...
``Beautiful flower... do you know why Humans are faulty?``the earth gently asked her. ``Because the fear they feel compells them to create guradians. Religion, philosophy...That is the Human`s only fault. The earth went on. There is no such thing as destiny, or fate...But there is a web of events and you have seen the center of it. And just like a spider`s web you just need a stick to clean it and then you can make your own web of events. For that is the one gift of all Humans. You have Talent. You can create better things than we know how to make. Don`t waste a precious Gift as Talent with your fear of the unknown...Don`t blame it on destiny...Because if you do...I, the earth, and my brothers and sisters of elemental descent will never forgive you...It would be such a shame for a beautiful flower like to wilt because of fear...Just because you are a beautiful flower does not mean you do not have thorns. What you have Seen today... will happen... but not to us, I assure you. Another Realm and Another Age shall suffer that "destiny".``

That night, the girl told her sisters and her mother what she had Seen and of course she told them of the earth`s adivce, but it was not the advice that soothed the women. It was the girl's confidence and lack of fear. This is the Prophecy, you have all heard it, as the earth told it to me
as the earth told it to me Honor it until the end of our days...
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The Tainted Realms
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