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 Start talking...Wake up!!!

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Start talking...Wake up!!! Empty
PostSubject: Start talking...Wake up!!!   Start talking...Wake up!!! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 6:13 pm

We are not organized as we would wish and could be probably defeted easly because of lack of organization. 1st step would be to start talking in chat get to know each other. Post here on forum your roles, opinions and share your thoughts on what we should do, all fresh ideas are welcome.

One part of lack of organization is also seen as everyone just invite ppl because they are friends etc. If you want to invite someone in alliance talk to me, Nelya, Blackthorn or Siala. We shall consider if player is good enough for our alliance. (Has a role that is played well with Loreroot and that is active and can talk with the rest of alliance)

Also main problem is that most of players don't respect the treaty we have with Guerrilla Golemicarum (For link to treaty click here). So start respecting it and show some responsibility for alliance you are representing as a defensive and not that our members attack GG members more than they do us... I personaly will make sure that treaty shall be respected and will talk to player that violated it no matter in which alliance he is in. Any violation can be posted here on forum or sent to Firsanthalas or me. Repeted offenders will be punished. Make sure that you also have a screen capture of a fight if something like this occurs.

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Start talking...Wake up!!!
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