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 Heellena's Plan [by Renavoid]

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PostSubject: Heellena's Plan [by Renavoid]   Heellena's Plan [by Renavoid] Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 1:59 pm

Chapter I: An Age of Fear

In the days of Daniel Raven, Loreroot was a much more dreadful place. The forest was plagued by vile creatures of the darkness, which records only suffice to call liquid fear, for their true name is lost. They caused havoc and drove fear into the very hearts and cores of those who lived in the forest. They were masters of creating terror. In fact, they were the sole obstacle which Raven faced in his quest for what he deemed a "Perfect Loreroot." But, though he tried with all of his might, we was never able to vanquish the creatures and bring the terror in the land to a close.

Raven's battle with the liquid fear consumed him so entirely, that when he finally died, he cursed himself to never rest until Loreroot was safe. He spent his dying days amidst the trees in his skyward capitol. Little did he know, that one wild, witless young woman he met there would be able to complete what he never could.

Chapter II: An Instinctual Discovery
Heellena Wasspe came from the No Man's Land, as do most people. Untamed and wild, she found her found her home where her instincts, rather than her intellect, brought her. As a magic wielder, she would easily have been accepted into Golemus Golemicarum, though, only if she decided to walk that path more precisely. To say the least, Necrovion would have loved having an addition such as the "mindless" Heellena behind its Howling Gates, but instead she came to Loreroot where her primal ways found home. She was a real troublemaker, but all saw that her heart lived for Loreroot.

As mentioned, the liquid fear reigned in Loreroot at this time. Everyone knew about it, but its grasp on terror was so complete that no one even spoke of it. They were struck numb by the prospect of what might happen to them if they collaborated against it. Nonetheless, Heellena had an idea.

By pure instinct, she wielded her magic once more to create a hex. In her mind, the best way to thwart something that brings terror, was to bring bad luck down upon it! She summoned it into existence by channeling the energy through her mind, and holding it there. Incredibly, the hex worked! The liquid fear began to dissipate! The forest could be saved after all, and the people loved to know it. Hope could be seen on the horizon, and that felt good to them.

Chapter III: A Permanent Hold
Unfortunately, magic casting provided no permanent effects. In that age, when magic was cast, its effect lasted only a limited amount of time. Much like water passing through a funnel, its power would ebb away shortly after being cast.

Heellena's hexes were no exception to this rule, and that greatly irritated her. No matter how many times she cast the hex, it would always dissipate, leaving the liquid fear to creep back in its absence. Heellena realized that her mind wouldn't be able to hold these liquid fear at bay for eternity, so she decided to try a new way that would enable her to do just that. She sought a method to bind the spell to the world itself, instead of just existing in her mind and wherever she sent it through the ether.

Carefully, Heellena undertook the task of creating a permanent hex to destroy the liquid fear completely. She crafted extremely powerful and precise runes that held the power she desired. Binding the runes together, she drove them into the ground, and allowed the effect to spread. Once again, the liquid fear creatures vanished from the lands. Only, this time it did not dissipate after being cast. The effect remained and vanquished the liquid fear creatures from existence ever since then.

Chapter IV: Wanderer
The disappearance of the liquid fear creatures meant Loreroot could rest easily. Terror did not consume those who lived there. Only one thing remained.

When Raven died and cursed himself, he made the mistake of not specifying what Loreroot must be safe from before he could reach his final slumber. The wisest of the forest tried many things before they gave up, unable to calm his restless spirit. Even now, his ghost sometimes appears roaming the forests, searching for the liquid fear creatures that disappeared so long ago. The search consumes the ghost, and maddens it such that it might actually try to destroy the runes. But, without the knowledge of what happened to the creatures, it wouldn't be able to even find the runes, much less destroy them.

Thus, Loreroot exists without being completely consumed by terror.
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Heellena's Plan [by Renavoid]
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