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 A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story)

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PostSubject: A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story)   A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 5:03 pm

A LoreRoot Forest Encounter

SageWoman is roaming the forest of LoreRoot attending to wounded creatures and collecting healing herbs for her bag. The day is a warm one and there is a gentle breeze that cools when she enters the shade. The creatures know SageWoman and do not fear her as she is EarthMothers daughter and knows their ways and their language. Suddenly a cry of pain is heard in the wind and the birds take flight from her. Concerned, Sagewoman stands up and scents the wind and it brings to her nose the scent of wounded Wolf. Gathering her staff and medicine bag, SageWoman takes off on a brisk run as the wind carries to her ears the whine of pain and thrashing of a wolf in trouble. Dodging bushes and running creatures from the scene SageWoman slows down her pace and then comes to a stop. Moving the branches of a cedar tree gently to the side, SageWoman sees a Wolf lying on its side panting heavily. A great wound, jagged and gory is on its right back leg and already the flies gather at it. The wolf is not unaware of Sagewoman’s presence and lets out a deep throaty growl in warning. Deep in her own throat, SageWoman answers with a whine of inquiry and a short bark. Startled, the wolf brings its head up and stares with pain glazed eyes at SageWoman. ~You know my language, human?~ A knowing comes into SageWoman’s eyes as she realizes this is no ordinary wolf. ~I am known in this forest, Wolf. As you do not know me, you are not a regular within LoreRoot~ Realizing the human knows its secret, the Wolf bares it’s fangs in aggression and tries to stand but falls back down with a yelp.~Do not fear me Wolf. I come in aid as I do all the creatures in this forest. I am EarthMothers daughter and I harm none of her creatures. Even those creatures “made” by others.~ The wolf eyes Sagewoman warily and then lays back down. ~Approach then SageWoman. Any wrong move and I will kill you.~ Dropping to all fours and arching her back in a sign of submission, Sage crawls warily to the Wolfs injured flank. Sagewoman whines deeply in her chest to let the Wolf know where she is. ~Your wound is deep, Wolf. It requires stitches and then my use of Healing Light. This will be painful. Will you allow more pain from a healers hand?~
The Wolf lets out a whine and then a throaty growl.~Do so quickly then, human. Already my brethren approach LoreRoot and will not understand.~Without hesitation, Sagewoman cleans the wound with herbs and then pulling the needed tools, quickly stitches the wound. The Wolfs flank twitches but does not move. ~SageWoman growls low in her throat in warning. I am going to apply Heat of Light, Wolf. Do not attack for I do not wish to be bitten.~ The Wolf growls low in acceptance. The smell of singed fur permeates the air and the Wolf yelps. Howls are heard at the Gates of Lore Root as the pack enters the forest, only to be greeted in turn in warning by the real forest wolfs. Sagewoman retreats to a safe distance and then lets out a Howling of her own to both the forest pack and as a location marker to the entering pack. Surprised, the Wolf sits up and stares at Sagewoman for a moment. The Wolf lets out a whine and shakes its tale a couple of times. ~I will not forget this kindness, human. Neither shall my pack. We could use another healer with the pack the wolf suggests~ Sagewoman lets out a whine and couple of barks. ~I am already a healer but I will keep your kind offer in mind.~ Swiftly Sagewoman retreats as she hears the pack closing in on their wounded brothers’ location.
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PostSubject: Re: A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story)   A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 4:04 pm

Nice story. You speak wolf well XD how about dog? d'you speak dog? Very Happy
wruff, wruff grrr wruff *whines* wruffff wrrruff! *barks* XD
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PostSubject: Re: Do you speak dog   A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 4:12 pm

low growl in chest....bares teeth...Bark! Bark! Rowf!

Any other questions Aeo?
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PostSubject: Re: A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story)   A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story) Icon_minitime

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A LoreRoot Forest Encounter (story)
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