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 Hello, I am Sagewoman

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Hello, I am Sagewoman Empty
PostSubject: Hello, I am Sagewoman   Hello, I am Sagewoman Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 5:13 pm

[i]I am Sagewoman. My friends call me Sage. The Sisterhood calls me Sagie. Just call me Sage.

I am a Live Help Operator and a member of the Dojo Staff. I love Loreroot and am a member of the Alliance and just recently became a member of the Loreroot Council. If you want to know who my user is, log on to the Public Forum and type in Sagewoman. If that doesn't work, try *Sagewoman*.

Loreroot recently took the Defensive Quarters in Stewardship and renamed the abandoned pub, The Root of the Matter Inn. I am Hostess of the Inn and if you look on my Alliance Page, you will see what the Inn is about. When you are in the Defensive Quarters, you are in a role playing area and the staff will behave according to their positions and characters. Have fun and relax with us.

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Hello, I am Sagewoman
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