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 Forum Rules

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Loreroot High Council Member
Loreroot High Council Member

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:34 am

In short:

1. Be Courteous to other forumites!
2. Keep the forums clean and friendly.
3. Don't spam, bump, flame, or rant.
4. No bragging!
5. Keep it PG-13.
6. No advertising for sites, commercial endeavors, etc.
7. Your signature must fit within a 500x120 space.
8. Post in ENGLISH.
9. NO customer service or account help is provided here!
10. Posting websites information for personal gain is not allowed

DO NOT link to material that doesn't follow these rules!

Read pinned topics, and post in the appropriate forum sections. Please use Search to see if a topic already exists before starting a new thread on it.
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Forum Rules
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