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 Greetings from Udgard

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Guardians of the Root

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Greetings from Udgard Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from Udgard   Greetings from Udgard Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 7:34 pm

Hello guys!^^

Presentation huh? Where should I start... Well, real-world speaking, I live in Indonesia, and my hobby is.. pretty much like glai's =b Not much of a productive hobby here either xb Ah, and I love to laugh. =b

I like discovering and experimenting with new things, and that is what I am doing in the game. That is also probably why I take a knowledge seeler role in the game. I hope this hobby can bring something for Loreroot.

I am open to new ideas, and when Khal first contacted the shades, I was actually thinking of having peace with the shades. I thought, though, that there are some strange things about them and I didn't trust then completely. Just moments later, Khal changed and the 1st alliance, the sentinels are formed. I guess this proved my suspicion on the shades. Thus, I decided to fight them. I originally intended to join wodin's alliance, but when I found about loreroot, I chose to join loreroot because a defensive army fits me better. I don't want war when it's not necessary, but I will fight with all my might when the need arises.

As for my role on the alliance, well, since I am actively searching for info on the game lores and player movements, i guess I would be the alliance's eyes and ears (like the 1st task nelya gave me =b)

Well, I look forward to c u guys in the game ! =b
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Greetings from Udgard
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