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 joining the alliance

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PostSubject: joining the alliance   Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:41 pm

i am very new to the game but i love it and will play constantly please let me in to this alliance. I will do anything you want me to do go anywhere you want me to or anything.
also i have talked to glaistig and he told me to come and join this alliance with you guys.
i would like to know a few things though.
what do you do in an alliance?
Do you get any bonuses from being in an alliance?
where is this forest i keep hearing about that were supposed to protect?
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Loreroot High Council Member

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PostSubject: Re: joining the alliance   Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:46 pm

Hi Magician,
So in an alliance, we regroup people who have the same goal for Loreroot, protect it from ennemies, so each member has tasks given by Guardians of Root or tasks they want to do themselves, we dont give orders, each players can do what he wants but it is better if it can progress the alliance.
There are a small bonus from being in an alliance but it isnt interesting to join an alliance only for bonus, i dont want people who think like that.
Loreroot is at the east of Marind Bell, u have to defeat the guards first before enter it.
If you want more informations please ask on this forum or in game

Nymph of Loreroot, member of High Concil of Loreroot
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PostSubject: i spelt my name wrong last time   Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:03 am

i didnt think that i was just wondering, the guards wont let me fight them it just says i see them ill do whatever you want me to
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PostSubject: Re: joining the alliance   

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joining the alliance
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