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 It's me, Nigthmare89

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PostSubject: It's me, Nigthmare89   It's me, Nigthmare89 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 4:52 pm

Well I'm from Spain in the real life, and i have 19 years old. I like all intelectual, strategic, etc games and thats the reason i choose magic duel.

But in my real life i LOVE to play basketball too, actually i play in a team.

i like also play video games and all the kind of games xD.

I'm a committed person who likes help people and do all the things i can to improve in all the ways i can.

My character in the game i think is a warrior that like to do quest and train his creatures too. He want to be a strong man but also smart . he is a curious man too who love to investigate all he can with discretion and , why not, using all the things he consider appropriate.

I hope you enjoy reading xD

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It's me, Nigthmare89
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