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 Hi all!Grayhawk is here

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Guardians of the Root
Guardians of the Root

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Hi all!Grayhawk is here Empty
PostSubject: Hi all!Grayhawk is here   Hi all!Grayhawk is here Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 3:42 pm

Hi all!

Fisrt of all: I am not the man of the words and i don't know what to write, so my introduction will be short (maybe i'll edit it later Very Happy )

My real name is Gábor (It means god's fighter Smile ).Soon i will have my diploma and my first workplace.(that is why i wasnt too active in the past days :S ). I like music (making and listening).I'm bass guitarist.

I have my goal in this game:
The loreroot looks abandoned Sad The players only come here if there is a head contest Razz I want to make the place more popular (but i don't know how :S ) If you have an idea or you want to help me, just send me a message.
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Hi all!Grayhawk is here
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