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 Forum Rules Long Version

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Forum Rules Long Version Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules Long Version   Forum Rules Long Version Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 10:58 am

Be courteous to other forumites!

Keep the forums clean and friendly. Don't spam, flood, bump or flame - this includes rants about the game. No trash talking, no bragging (this includes high score screenshots). Keep the language/content level to about PG-13 (no foul language, racial/religious/orientation slurs, drug discussion, adult content, scantily clad women, so on and so forth). Don't be obnoxious - this includes use of large font or entire messages in bold text.

No advertising for any sort of channels, sites, commercial endeavors, referral links etc. without permission from an admin. No "goodbye" or "clan disbanded" threads, please.

"Spamming" includes posts with no real substance ("I agree." "OK." etc.), gibberish, or anything that does not actually further the discussion. +1 Topics ("What's your favorite...") are permissible IF posts are descriptive and further actual discussion.

Do not ban evade or try to get around the swear filters. Do not discuss illegal actions/materials. Do not disrespect MD staff. Do not impersonate staff in any way; this includes avatars or nicknames that resemble those of staff.

Keep avatars at 110x110 or less, and signatures equivalent to (or less than) a total of 500x120. An additional line of text is permissible. No animated avatars or sigs. Regularly copy/pasting content into your posts as a form of dodging the signature limit is not allowed and will be considered rule evasion. Please do not use "detection" sigs (the ones that post a user's IP, OS, etc) or they will be removed.

Please post in ENGLISH, as it is the primary language of most of our forumites, and we cannot moderate threads in languages that the mods are not fluent in. Any non-English threads will be preemptively locked.

Do NOT post links to material that does not adhere to these rules.

Trading or begging of any kind is not permissible on these boards and will result in suspensions and bans based on severity.

Being a Better Forumite

Post topics in the appropriate section of the forums. Take a moment to look through the sections and see where your topic should go.

Use Search to see if your topic has already been addressed.

When you post, BE DESCRIPTIVE in your title (or subtitle)! Titles like "OMG I NEED HELP" will probably be ignored.
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Forum Rules Long Version
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